Waveguide Connectors

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Elliptical Waveguide Connectors

RFS supplies a complete line of high quality, premium performance elliptical waveguide connectors. These connectors provide a low VSWR transition to a rectangular waveguide interface. RFS waveguide connectors are machined with a multi-step transition from elliptical to rectangular cross-section. This multi-step transition results in a compact design with superior electrical performance. Connectors are available with either EIA or IEC flange interfaces.
FLEXWELL® waveguide connectors are designed for quick and easy assembly in the field using either standard hand tools or flanging tools depending on connector type.
FLEXWELL® elliptical waveguide connectors are available in standard (non-tuneable), tuneable pre-tuned and fixed tuned versions. Fixed tuned connectors are available only with pressurized flanges (P-type). Unpressurized flanges (U-types) can be provided by the use of a shim.