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Tower Mounted Boosters

For ongoing rollout with high emphasis on coverage objectives, the RFS Tower Mounted Booster (TMB) provides a low-cost solution for efficient coverage of low-density population areas. Allowing a reduction of the number of sites needed, the TMB minimizes capital expenditure linked to a project.

The RFS boosters are designed to be used, both for the EGSM 900 and DCS 1800 application. The booster system is designed to be located in the tower close to the antenna, ensuring the best possible BTS up-link sensitivity and providing the highest down-link power available on the market. The system requires one Power Distribution Unit and two TMBs for a dual-carrier solution. The Power Distribution Unit is placed in the base station cabinet, supplying power, controlling TMB and reporting alarm status.

The TMB is an optimal solution for the following application:

  • For compensation of large feeder loss.
  • For coverage of low-density populated areas
  • For highway coverage where the traffic does not justify a large number of sites.
  • For boosting cell coverage e.g. along coastlines.
  • For boosting up low power signals from micro BTS.
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