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As a leader in the supply of RF Conditioning products to worldwide wireless carriers and original equipment manufacturers, RFS offers customers the professional experience of many years of service to the industry while remaining on the cutting edge of wireless developments.

RFS offers RF Conditioning products such as combiners, co-location filters, duplexers and diplexers, Tower-Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) and Boosters (TMB), that are designed as part of systems or subsystems or available separately.

RFS specializes in design, engineering and production, and offers unique reliable solutions. All of our RF Conditioning products utilize RFS’ technical expertise to satisfy our customers’ unique needs.


The design and engineering of RF Conditioning products is carried out using innovative methods. Designs are simulated and optimised utilising proprietary software solutions. After submitting the simulations to the customer for approval, the products are prototyped in our lab. Research into new materials has led to the development of innovative products such as polymeric filters and multimode ceramic filters. Research into new active devices and their characterization yields optimised designs for low noise amplification for emerging UMTS and CDMA2000 applications.


With engineering and production locations in the USA, Denmark, China and Brazil, and, in conjunction with a worldwide sales and marketing network, RFS provides customers all the advantages of a close contact with the support of highly skilled engineering teams and of local manufacturing and shipping.

For high volume manufacturing, RFS utilizes castings and molding of aluminum and of advanced materials such as polymeric plastics. Robotic tuning systems are in place to offer quality and flexibility in large volume production runs. RFS is committed to supplying products and systems solutions that meet the most stringent customer’s expectations for reliability and maintenance-free performance.

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