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Receiver Multicouplers

RFS's QuikWave SMR receiver multicoupler consists of a front-end low noise amplifier, full band 18 MHz filter and splitters to provide 24 outputs. It is built with a universal power supply unit, which can work from various AC & DC inputs. It is ideal to use in SMR base station sites where feeder lengths are short and a TTA is not necessary. Optional filter kit maximizes site optimization, reducing interference.

  • Improved system noise figure and sensitivity provides wider coverage
  • Quadrature amplifier design gives high reliability and minimal degradation on failure
  • Built-in test port allows for rapid on-site testing
  • Optional filter kits optimize site performance minimizing interference.
  • Universal AC-DC power supply simplifies ordering and installation.
  • Isolated receiver output ports mean that unused ports can be left un-terminated reducing costs
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