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    RFS CompactLine Easy Antennas

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    Antenna Control Unit

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    BIAS-T for 698-2690MHz

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    WindMaster UBB (Ultra Broad Band) Design APXVLL13N-C

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    OMNI FIT™ Premium - Connector

RFS CompactLine Easy Antennas

RFS CompactLine® Easy Antennas are available from 7 GHz to 42 GHz.
The antennas are cost-effective products for microwave point-to-point transmission links in cellular and private user networks.
Antennas are available in 2ft (0.6m) diameters. The modified cassegrain feed system with the deep dish reflector design results in an antenna with reduced environmental impact, weight and tower load.
The antennas are available in single polarised (SC) as well as in dual polarised versions (SCX).
All antennas include a solid broadband radome which minimises its impact on the antenna’s electrical characteristics.