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PEP Panel Array Antennas for Broadcast Applications

RFS PEP Broadband Panel is Ideal Building Block for Integration Into Complex Antenna Arrays

The PEP broadband panel is designed as a building block for integration into complex antenna arrays. It is a dual feed UHF panel antenna capable of horizontal, vertical, circular or elliptical polarization. With a dual feed arrangement multiple broadcasters who share the same antenna can have different polarization ratios. The polarization ratio can be changed post-installation by varying the phase shift of the combiner.


Change channels in the future with no impact on antenna array

Future-proof design ensures frequency agility

Change polarization ratio in the future from horizontal/vertical, circular or elliptical polarization with single/independent input

Mission-critical, commercial wireless, broadband and ultra-broadband

Fully engineered for Digital TV, Mobile TV, MIMO and MISO applicationsEnsures maximum flexibility
Standard and hurricane rated optionsIdeal solution for a wide-variety of global environments


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Product Releases

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