Base Station Antenna Systems

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Other Directional Antennas

Examples of other directional antennas offered by RFS are:

  • The yagi antennas series available in various gains for 406 - 512MHz and 806 - 960MHz bands
  • The APV series with field adjustable horizontal beamwidth designed to fill multiple horizontal pattern coverage requirements. This flexibility allows custom tailoring of cell coverage and avoids antenna replacement as sectors change. The reflector can be easily adjusted and provides coverage in six different settings; 46°, 60°, 78°, 90°, 105°, and 110° horizontal beamwidth.
  • The AH series specially design for tunnel coverage thanks to the circular polarization. Antennas are available for cellular networks in low band, high band and dual band applications

For indoor antennas please refer to the WDCS (Wireless Distributed Communications Systems) product line.

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