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New high capacity DTV filters tame the 'peak power beast'

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, will present at IBC2009 (RAI, Amsterdam, September 11-15, 2009) the latest additions to its comprehensive broadcast portfolio: its new line of filters and combiners. The new filters have been specifically conceived for the very high peak-to-average power ratio nature of digital television (DTV), and represent a breakthrough in coaxial filter technology.

The digitalization of television -including HD, ultra high resolution, Mobile TV, and 3D- is once again at the forefront of this year's IBC event in Amsterdam. Even while world production levels have slowed down, the public's interest and demand for digital broadcasting technology and cross-media platforms, such as mobile TV, has not. Supporting the inherent power and efficiency requirements of DTV is a growing concern for broadcast infrastructure owners and operators.

Indeed, while the average RF power level of DTV is similar to that of traditional analog television transmitters, its peak power is considerably higher, which can translate into real-world problems for transmitting equipment. For example, a 5 kW average power transmitter running multiple DTV signals is at risk of producing peak powers over 50 kW. Such elevated peak power has led to the shutdown of TV transmitters and to important revenue loss for operators.

RFS' new filters offer a cost-efficient way to bring an end to the peak power "wildfire" that sprawling DTV services are feared to spark. The filter allows DTV to be transmitted at higher power levels, taking up less space than previous solutions, and thus permitting the addition of channels and services in the same site.

According to Dieter Pelz, RFS Senior Filter Design Engineer, the new filters are the fruit of RFS' dedicated and sustained research efforts. "We wanted to address the real concerns of our European customers in particular," said Pelz. "Coaxial combiner filter technology used to be limited in its peak power handling capability. Beyond this limit, larger and costlier waveguide combiner technology had to be used."

According to Pelz the new filters' internal design is such that even highest peak power levels are easily sustained. RFS' in-house development of a key feature of the resonator assembly greatly reduces the unwanted effects of high peak power inside the filter. "Peak power handling has been a major R&D priority for us, and now RFS' new filters' offers highest digital TV transmitter power levels and safe operation," said Pelz.

RFS' new filters' also bear improvements in the overall average power handling. RFS has used thermal analysis and modeling to optimize heat sinking. Because of the finite conductivity of the metal surface, heat generated on the inside of filtering equipment can reach temperatures 25 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. "The concern is the danger of touching hot surfaces, otherwise heat has no effect on the filters' performance," explained Pelz.

By removing the power peak handling limitations imposed on DTV transmitter systems, broadcast operators can look forward to reduced tripping of their systems, and increased revenue through the safe addition and diversification of digital channels and services to their existing infrastructure.

RFS' specialists on hand at the IBC2009 conference and exhibition include Martyn Kemel (President, Broadcast and Defense Systems), Mick Bennett (Global Product Manager Broadcast and Defense), Hans-Peter Quade (Area Product Manager Broadcast and Defense) and Eric Mariette (VP Global Marketing and Strategy).

[Image caption]: The new Peak Power+ line of filters and combiners by RFS remove the power peak handling limitations imposed on DTV transmitter systems.

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