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Microwave Links  

Microwave radio link networks have become the lifeblood of the telecommunications industry, particularly with the rise of powerful wireless data technologies. One of the main objectives is to provide fast and cost-effective deployment of communications ‘superhighways'--conduits for high volumes of voice and data traffic, in many cases spanning great distances. The ease and economy of installation is seeing radio link networks increasingly deployed, in lieu of fixed lines, for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications, such as networks for public and commercial backhaul, branch links and distribution, plus broadcast and private enterprise. This intensification of microwave communications means that controlling RF interference is now the mandate of any radio link network operator. Whether upgrading from analog to digital, or deploying new services, the most pressing need is for precision-engineered systems that both mitigate interference and provide the flexibility to meet the capacity requirements of today and the future.

Radio Frequency Systems designs and delivers complete radio link network solutions that meet these demanding criteria in all popular microwave radio bands. Our customized microwave antenna systems encompass all components of the RF chain from the output of the radio--including elliptical waveguide and accessories, dehydration systems, and a suite of microwave antennas. RFS's advanced antenna range incorporates multiple antenna sizes and different performance classes--flexible choices for flexible network design. Plus, our industry-renowned elliptical waveguide can achieve the radio-to-antenna link in a single run directly from the equipment building to tower-mounted antenna. In addition to design and manufacture, our services extend to site installation training as required. Through working closely with customers to build customized total system solutions, RFS has been a leader in this industry sector for more than 20 years.

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