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Microwave Solid Antennas

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Radio Frequency Systems offers the most comprehensive line of highest quality microwave antennas in the industry. Antennas are available in all the common frequency bands ranging from 3GHz to 60GHz. They are available in diameters from 1 ft (0.3 m) to 15 ft (4.60 m). System design becomes easy and efficient with such a comprehensive antenna offering.

The antennas are available in four performance classes offering complete flexibility when designing a network.

The antennas meet the pattern requirements according to EN 300 631, EN 300 833 and FCC depending on the frequency range.

In addition to the different electrical classes of antennas, Radio Frequency Systems offers system design engineers different options of survival wind speeds. This allows the use of antennas in areas where extreme wind conditions are normal.

High Cross Polar Discrimination Antennas

UXA series of antennas are based on Ultra High Performance Antennas. These antennas offer high side lobe suppression. In addition UXA antennas offer extremely high cross-polar discrimination. They are therefore ideally suited for very high capacity systems utilizing extensive frequency reuse in highly congested environments. This outstanding performance is achieved by use of a special corrugated illuminator, a rigid torsion box back structure which ensures the reflector maintains its shape in the field and strict quality control during manufacture.

The cross-polar characteristics for radiation angles close to bore sight meet the highest XPD requirements according to EN 300 833 and FCC.

High cross-polar discrimination antennas are available for frequencies from 4 GHz to 23 GHz.

Dual Polarized – UXA series

Ultra High Performance Antennas

Ultra High Performance Antennas are the optimum choice for systems where a high level of pattern performance is required because of high local radio congestion. The antennas are supplied with low VSWR feed, planar radome, tower mount and shroud with RF absorber.

Single polarized – UA series
Dual polarized – UDA series

High Performance Antennas
High Performance Antennas are similar to Ultra High Performance Antennas in construction. They are ideally suited for systems where a good level of side lobe suppression is required.

Single polarized – DA series
Dual polarized – DAX series

Improved Performance Antennas
Improved Performance Antennas are unshrouded and offer an economic solution for systems requiring good radiation performance particularly in the back region. The improved F/B ratio is achieved by use of an efficient feed design together with a deep dish reflector. These features result in an improved front to back ratio, and were specially designed to meet FCC category A standards.

Single polarized – PAD series
Dual polarized – PADX series

Standard Performance Antennas
Standard Performance Antennas are economical solutions for systems where side lobe suppression is of less importance. The antennas consist of a reflector, feed and tower mount. Low VSWR versions are available for low echo distortion.

Single polarized – PA & PAL series
Single polarized, spread spectrum – PSF series
Dual polarized – PAX series

SlimLine and CompactLine Antennas
Radio Frequency Systems recognizes that mobile operators and private microwave users require cost effective solutions for their microwave antenna systems. These needs include products, which are easy and quick to install while maintaining good electrical performance. In response to these needs Radio Frequency Systems developed the SlimLine and CompactLine series of antennas. The SlimLine series of antennas utilize a conventional feed system and are available in Standard, High and Ultra High performance versions. The SlimLine series of antennas are available in diameters from 1ft (0.3 m) to 6 ft (1.8 m).

Single Polarized        Standard                                SP
                                  Standard, non-pressurized      SPF
                                  High performance                   SD
                                  Ultra High Performance          SU

Dual Polarized          Standard                                SPX
                                  High performance                   SDX
                                  Ultra High Performance          SUX

The CompactLine series of antennas use a special feed system which results in a reduced shroud length and consequently a lower profile antenna. These antennas are lighter in weight than standard antennas for reduced tower loading and shipping costs. Furthermore CompactLine antennas up to 2ft (0.6m) diameter are very rugged, with a wind loading rating of 250 km/h (155mph). Their type designation is SB for single polarization and SBX for dual polarization. CompactLine antennas are available in 1ft (0.3 m), 2 ft (0.6 m), 3ft (0.9 m) and 4ft (1.2 m) diameters.

Single Polarized        Ultra High Performance           SB
Dual Polarized          Ultra High Performance           SBX

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