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Microwave Antenna Patterns

Microwave antenna pattern data are available below for free by simply downloading the file. Microwave antenna data are in worldwide known NSMA format.

If you wish to display these patterns please use the software RFS RPE-Viewer available on our RFS Tools page.

RFS RPE-Viewer antenna pattern files:

Antenna Group File last update download file size uncompressed file size
Solid Parabolic Antenna Pattern 2018-05-15 471 KB 1880 KB
ETSI Specification 2006-07-19 20 KB 52 KB
FCC Specification 2006-07-19 8 KB

14 KB

Old antenna version 2017-05-04 955 KB 4010KB
Radiation pattern in pathloss 5 format 2018-05-15 496 KB 958 KB

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