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Environmetal Solutions

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Environmental issues pose a dilemma to cellular network planners in many parts of the world. While more prominent antenna site locations often offer the best performance, they can also attract higher levels of opposition.

RFS has developed a range of environmentally friendly antenna systems to reduce the impact of cellular rollouts. The RFS range of cluster systems provides the industries most innovative tower top antenna mounting arrangements. This unique cluster mount fits all RFS high band FET & VET antennas. Available with a 65° degree horizontal beamwidth for use in the following systems:

  • DCS1800 (1710-1785, 1805-1880MHz)
  • PCS (1850-1910, 1930-1990MHz)
  • UMTS (1920-1980, 2110-2170MHz)

These high performance antennas have excellent upper sidelobe suppression, VSWR and front to back ratio. The antennas are available in a variety of gain options varying from 14.7 to 19.2dBi covered by a UV resistant fiberglass radome.

The clusters can be supplied either with fixed tilt antennas or adjustable tilt models as required.

The variable tilt model has continuously adjustable electrical downtilt over the range of 0° to 10°. As with all our variable tilt antenna range they can be upgraded using our OPTIMIZER RT system for remote tilt control.

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