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Remote Electrical Tilt Antenna Control

Optimizer® RT – Remote Tilt™ technology for today... and tomorrow

Introducing the Optimizer RT from industry leader Radio Frequency Systems (RFS). Antenna tilt adjustment from either tower base or network management center is now an operational reality, thanks to RFS’s latest generation remote tilt technology - the Optimizer RT Antenna Control system.

The Optimizer RT antenna control system permits accurate antenna tilt operations to be conducted - without installers or crane equipment - either from tower base or the network management center. Easily interfaced with existing Network Management Software, the RFS Optimizer RT provides the ultimate in real-time network optimization.

Features include:

• IP-connectivity: Leveraging the power of the internet the Optimizer RT affords access to site tilt control and status from anywhere in the world…safely, securely and effectively.

• Futuristic performance: The smart Optimizer RT features ‘once only’ calibration, site learn functionality and in-unit stored antenna parameters. It is suitable for both single and multi-band antennas.

• Just four components make up the powerful Optimizer RT package: Antenna Control Unit (ACU), cabling system, control and monitoring interface and user interface software.
Optimizer RT Operator Manual
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