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Tower Mount Amplifiers

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The Standard TMA
The TMA separates the RF uplink (Rx) and downlink (Tx) signals through RF filters. In the uplink path the signal is amplified by redundant low noise amplifiers. If a malfunction occurs, the auto-bypass function is activated and an alarm is reported, ensuring system reliability at all times.

The TMA includes a bias-tee function that injects the DC supply voltage into the amplifier from the inner conductor of the feeder cable.

The AISG TMA features the same RF functionalities and specifications as the standard TMA and includes communications features compliant with the AISG protocol that allow a remote monitoring of the equipment.

All the AISG TMAs include an AISG output connector to an Antenna Control Unit (ACU) for Remote Electrical Tilt (RET).

The complete AISG TMA system, including the control network interface unit (CNI) and the Bias-T, provides the DC feed and the alarm reporting at the Node B level or the OMC.

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