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UHF/VHF Cavities

These versatile multicouplers permit the connection of a number of transmitters, receivers, or transmitterreceiver combinations, operating on different frequencies, to a common broadband antenna, radiating cable or distributed antenna system.

They feature temperature compensated resonators and are mounted vertically in a 19" rack.

The multi-couplers can also be used as bandpass cavity diplexers. Customised solutions are available for special Tx/Rx frequency combiners.

Isolators can be fitted to the Tx port to increase isolation from adjacent transmitters (Suffix F). Wide band versions are available (Suffix W).

A number of standard filter configurations are described in the catalog. However, since requirements for isolation between channels, insertion loss, and channel separation are variable and depend upon individual installations, filter characteristics, number of resonators, etc. will vary accordingly, if economical multicoupling systems are to be achieved.

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