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Penetrator Antennas

The Penetrator™ is a unique and patented omni antenna design that delivers high gain and significant null fill for exceptional close-in (near field) as well as far-out (far field) coverage. The Penetrator™ is available for 700-960 MHz applications, in a variety of gains and horizontal radiation pattern configurations. Gain options range from 6-12 dBd, with bandwidths of 32 MHz, electrical downtilt, and null fill. The Penetrator™ can able be configured as a directional antenna with a front-to-back ratio of 15 dB.

  • High gain maximizes ERP
  • Heavy null fill enhances close-in coverage
  • Customized beamtilt minimizes interference to and from adjacent systems
  • Various radiation patterns are available to efficiently cover the target area
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