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High-Power 3dB Directional Coupler (DC618E-HP)

RFS Introduces High-Power 3dB Coupler for Transmitter and Channel Combining in the UHF TV Band

RFS has introduced its new high-power 3dB directional coupler for use in the UHF TV band for transmitter and channel combining. The RFS DC618E-HP, rated for 80kW-120kW depending on application at UHF frequencies 470-700MHz, is the latest addition to RFS’ family of directional couplers and will change the landscape for balanced combining applications.

The new high-power 3dB coupler can be used in balanced combiners or for transmitter power combining. It is very compact, for easy integration into equipment, and has the lowest insertion loss and highest power rating for coaxial TEM-mode technology. For transmitter combining, it is rated at 120 kW average power, while for channel combiners it is ideally suited to combine several high-power channels into one common output.

Compact for easy integration into equipment.
Very low insertion loss – lowest for its size
Highest power rating for size/class
Two possible mounting configurations
For use in balanced combiner applications or transmitter power combining.
Patented heat transfer feature
May be used as a stand-alone splitter
Flanged and unflanged adaptors available

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Product Releases

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