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In-Building Wireless Communications

Real-world RF in in-building
In-building wireless has come of age. The launch of powerful wireless data technologies--UMTS, CDMA 2000 1x, HSDPA, WLAN/WiFi, WiMAX and more--has placed in-building wireless data services in sharp focus for building owners, carriers and building occupants alike. The key requirement is for ubiquitous and seamless RF coverage across the building, from floor-to-floor, sector-to-sector, office-to-office.

The challenge is to provide the capacity required--to provide the true broadband wireless experience demanded by today’s building occupants.

The world of wireless data is dominated by in-building subscribers. Unlike the demands of second generation wireless ‘voice-only’ services, new-age in-building wireless data demands cannot be met by relying on the external/macro network--QoS and capacity issues preclude this. The immediate need is for dedicated, purpose-built in-building RF coverage systems: systems with the capacity to meet today’s building occupant needs, and the room to grow to meet those of future occupants.

RFS end-to-end
Radio Frequency Systems provides true end-to-end in-building solutions--solutions that meet three essential performance criteria: premium coverage, capacity and quality of service (QoS); minimal total life-cycle costs; and genuine future-proof characteristics.

No single technology or architecture can meet these performance criteria across today’s broad range of building architectures and occupant needs--that’s why RFS offers genuinely tailored in-building solutions.

Fully optimized to meet each building’s unique occupant requirements and architectural constraints, RFS’s total turnkey in-building solutions are developed from a rich mix of current and emerging RF technologies. Our 50 years of in-building design, development and installation experience is backed by the market’s broadest selection of passive and active in-building RF technologies: the RFS suite of distributed antenna systems, broadband feeder solutions, point-of interface solutions, and RF-on-fiber extension systems.

The bottom-line
Radio Frequency Systems’ tailored end-to-end in-building solutions provide the outcomes sought by all stake holders in the in-building sector. The service provider ensures optimal QoS and minimizes the risk of subscriber churn. The building owner achieves improved building value and higher occupancy levels. And the occupier enjoys--across the premises--the high bit-rate broadband experience required in today’s commercial world.

We focus on providing highly future-proof and low-maintenance in-building solutions, ensuring premium return-on-investment and minimal total cost of ownership. Founded on passive RF technologies, RFS in-building solutions are virtually maintenance-free. This, coupled with RFS’s commitment to genuine future-proof broadband solutions, ensures the owner enjoys minimized total cost of ownership over the life of the installation.

Our unique multi-carrier multi-band in-building solutions provide the optimal cost-sharing solution for multi-tenant environments--all in a single deployment. This integrated and scalable approach to in-building coverage ensures that new tenants, carriers and services can be incorporated into the building coverage system without disruption, cost or building down-time.

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