Broadcast Television and Radio

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Real-world RF in television and radio
The transition to digital broadcasting carries a raft of ongoing challenges and new objectives for broadcasters and transmission site owners. From an RF perspective, the foremost of these is how to make the most of existing broadcast system assets--and how to choose wisely when upgrading.

An increasingly important criterion is that broadcast systems be future-proof and flexible. It will be essential that new digital channels cause minimal disruption to existing services; moreover, it’s almost guaranteed they will include technologies not yet conceived, particularly as consumers embrace communications mobility.

Broadcasters need RF systems that cater to these exact requirements: customized systems with extra capacity built-in, that minimize operating costs and which will last for 30 years. They need a complete RF system, engineered by experts, for premium performance and peace of mind.

RFS end-to-end
At Radio Frequency Systems you’ll find a team of experienced engineers, dedicated to total broadcast RF system design--from the output of the transmitter to the antenna. Every system is customized, based on specific coverage requirements, existing infrastructure and required future capacity--there’s no such thing as a ‘standard solution’ from RFS.

Specializing in broadband multi-channel broadcast systems, RFS designs and manufactures world-leading channel combining and filtering technology, flexible air-dielectric transmission line, RF switch frames, and a range of antenna options, including tailored panel arrays. We’re also available to perform site analyses to assess existing infrastructure and determine coverage requirements, plus installation supervision and commissioning as required.

Whether operating in the FM, VHF, UHF or any other broadcast band, RFS is fully conversant with all global broadcasting standards and emerging digital technologies. Our proven global performance is the product of more than 30 years experience in this industry sector.

The bottom line
Radio Frequency Systems’ holistic RF system design approach ensures that every system is optimized for the best possible performance and reliability. What’s more, we take full responsibility for every RF system we design end-to-end and provide a blanket warranty. These systems are designed for long life and minimal total life-cycle cost.

Compact and customized, RFS multi-channel broadband systems minimize installation costs and optimize use of site real-estate--plus, if extra capacity is built-in, they make the addition of future services easier and less costly. Place your confidence in RFS for all broadcasting applications and experience peace of mind. No matter what your problem is, we’ve probably seen -and solved it- somewhere else already.

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