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Real-world RF in in-tunnel
The drive to digital wireless communications impacts the tunnel industry on two distinct radio fronts: commercial and emergency services. From a commercial radio perspective, today’s train passengers, motorists and metro riders, demand a seamless wireless experience from tunnel entrance to exit. This must straddle commercial technologies--from contemporary 2G and 3G wireless services to emerging broadband wireless data technologies.

On the essential and emergency services front, the advantages of advanced digital wireless platforms--such as TETRA, Tetrapol, GSM-R, P25 and emerging IP-based emergency services radio--are ‘must haves’ in the modern tunnel network.

This dual in-tunnel communications imperative occurs in an environment that is arguably the world’s most challenging, from an RF perspective. The twists, turns and constrained cross-section of any tunnel, coupled with the large--and fast-moving--vehicles it carries, present an onerous RF distribution challenge. This, along with the often hot, dusty and rugged tunnel environment, demands the best-of-the-best in RF coverage technologies.

RFS end-to-end
Radio Frequency Systems is the globally acknowledged expert in tunnel RF coverage systems. Our worldwide experience and know-how--spanning six continents and many hundreds of installations--bears testament to our leadership in this area.

For over 35 years, RFS has provided total-turnkey RF solutions for the world’s metros, railway and road tunnels, underground mines and underground bulk storage facilities. The services and technologies we offer are comprehensive and complete--from front-end site/feasibility survey and concept design, through detailed design and installation supervision, to commissioning, training and maintenance. As each tunnel is as unique as its route and purpose, RFS painstakingly tailors each tunnel RF design to meet the precise coverage, traffic and route requirements.

Our tunnel coverage designs are founded on RFS’s comprehensive passive distribution technologies, which include the world-renowned RADIAFLEX radiating cable. These are backed by RFS’s wide range of passive and active supporting technologies, including bi-directional amplifiers and RF-over-fiber backbones--all toughened to survive the rigors of the tunnel environment.

The bottom line
Radio Frequency Systems’ total tunnel solutions exceed customer expectations in all key areas. Importantly, they target the areas that matter most in tunnel wireless communications: system reliability and availability; network performance and coverage; and cost-effectiveness.

Built for purpose, our rugged in-tunnel wireless systems provide the high level of reliability demanded by today’s modern tunnel networks. With most in-tunnel essential services communications targeting ‘five nines’ availability, RFS--by incorporating leading edge fail-safe technologies and redundant design concepts--can provide systems that offer the highest system and service availability.

RFS ensures ubiquitous coverage of all commercial and essential radio services in all areas of the tunnel. Leveraging low-maintenance, high-reliability passive technologies, RFS tunnel coverage systems minimize the total system component count, which dramatically improves system availability and cuts maintenance-related opex. Genuinely broadband, our tunnel solutions are also fully scalable and expandable. By leveraging the RFS integrated multi-user/multi-carrier tunnel system designs, network facility and opex can be shared across an almost limitless range of service providers and services.

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