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Real-world RF in cell-based mobile communications
Cell-based mobile communications are fast becoming the most accessible--and preferred--mode of personal and business communication the world over. Commercial change in this dynamic sector is causing a significant shift in the responsibilities and focus of many of its key players. With ARPU levels under strain, the modern carrier is shifting its primary focus to expanding market share and reducing capex and opex, rather than issues of network technology and performance. As a direct result, OEMs now shoulder the network technology and performance issues--today’s OEM are responsible for providing network capacity, along with minimizing expenditure and maximizing network performance.

In turn, a new breed of sub-system technology supplier is required. In the RF technology area, the mobile sector demands specialist groups that are capable of shouldering total responsibility for the RF chain.

This ‘responsibilities shift’ is set within an increasingly challenging RF and network environment: one of fast-changing network management strategies, increased demand for advanced network optimization and base station site sharing solutions, high-speed data services with low bit error rate tolerances, and intensely congested spectral and base station scenarios.

RFS end-to-end
Radio Frequency Systems provides a uniquely complete mobile system RF solution set--one founded on a truly end-to-end view of the entire RF sub-system. The RFS solution set comprises all elements--both passive and active--along the RF chain. These include base station antennas, antenna tilt and azimuth beam control solutions (including remote control systems), control and communications software, RF amplifier and booster systems, feeder systems and RF filtering/interference abatement technologies.

RFS base station antenna solutions--based on our world-renowned Optimizer® family of high-performance panel antennas--lead the world in essential antenna KPIs, such as gain, side-lobe suppression, electrical tilt performance, front-to-back ratio and so on.

Most importantly, RFS delivers cell-based mobile solutions that provide total RF sub-system performance--we work with carriers, OEMs and other suppliers the world over to tailor the most appropriate RF solution for each individual network and base station.

The bottom line
Radio Frequency Systems’ cell-based mobile solutions achieve the level of RF sub-system performance demanded, while ensuring minimized total life-cycle capex and opex. As RFS is a single source for all elements in the mobile network RF sub-system, you can be assured that all components are perfectly matched and optimized within the RF ‘value chain’.

Flexible and responsive, RFS adopts total responsibility for the RF sub-system’s performance. We match, monitor and tailor the performance of each element to achieve precisely the performance required, while ensuring it is uniquely cost-efficient. Because RFS knows and develops each individual element in the RF chain, we are in a unique position to shoulder responsibility for the entire sub-system’s performance.

RFS’s mobile sector RF sub-system solutions are uniquely broadband, providing the levels of future-proofing that are essential in this fast-changing sector. Underpinning this forward-thinking coverage, RFS mobile sector solutions are continuously evolving, with new and exciting solutions emerging in the areas of active antenna beam control and total network RF optimization technologies.

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