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  1. A red X - The content of some web pages is missing or does not fully load. Why is a red “X” displayed?
  2. Allow JavaScrip - My computer already has the latest Flash Player. Why is flash animation not loading properly?
  3. Download Shockwave - Why is the u-link software not working?
  4. Finding Products - How do I find a specific product, or product information?
  5. Keyword search - Why are there no results for my dataXpress product or keyword search?
  6. Mispelled words - The keyword Search feature does not find the product I am looking for. What else can I do?
  7. PDF - How can I open a PDF document? (file ending with “.pdf” extension)
  8. Terms or use - Can I use texts and images from RFSworld.com?
  9. Webmaster - How do I contact the RFSworld.com webmaster?


  1. Flash animation is used to enhance some of RFS’ online content.  You may need to install the latest version of Flash Player to view certain RFSworld.com pages.

    Download Flash Player
  2. Your computer’s Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) must allow the execution of JavaScript.  To allow JavaScript for:

    Internet Explorer:
    Right click (Mac users CTR+click) on Internet Explorer icon,
    Select Properties, Security tab, Internet Options, Personalize security level;
    Select JavaScript activation box, click Update;
    Exit by clicking OK         

    Mozilla Firefox
    Go to Tools, Options, Contents;
    Select “Enable JavaScript,” Update
    Exit by clicking OK

  3. You may need to download Adobe Shockwave to use certain features, such as the U-link software, in RFSWorld.com

    Download Shockwave Player

  4. You can easily find any RFS product by using dataXpress, found in the QuickLinks menu, top right on RFS home page.  A keyword search feature is also available at the top right of home page.

    dataXpress finder
    Scroll to select product from list, or type in keyword.

    Search engine
    Type in product name, or keyword, then select Search.

  5. The dataXpress feature can execute a search based on either a Model Number, or a Description.

    If you are searching by Model Number, make sure you have typed in the exact characters, with no spaces or mistakes.

    If you are searching by a general description (e.g.: antennas) make sure you have selected the “Description” feature before launching your search.

  6. The product name or keyword may be misspelled in your search.  Make sure you have correctly spelled the item or product you are searching.  You can also use the following search functions,

    Try using a “*” to replace word endings that you are unsure how to spell.
    Example: Instead of searching for “CellFlexLite,” try “Cell*”

    Try using a ”?” to replace one character or letter you are unsure about.
    Example: Instead of searching for “CelFlex,” try Cel?Flex”

    We encourage you to contact your regional RFS product managers to answer your questions about RFS products and services. 

    Find your regional contact

  7. Some RFSworld.com content is available only as PDF documents.  You may need to install the latest version of Acrobat Reader to view these files.

    -Download Acrobat Reader
  8. All texts and images found on RFSworld.com, including The RFS company names and logos and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are the trademarks or service marks of RFS or its affiliates and subsidiaries and may NOT be used in any advertising, publicity or in any other commercial manner without the prior written consent of the owner.

    Requests for authorization should be made to RFS at Kabelkamp 20, 30179 Hannover, Germany, attn: Corporate Marketing.

    For further information see Terms of Use
  9. You will find a Contact link at the bottom of every RFSworld web page.  Clicking on this link will launch an address-ready mail window from your previously configured mail agent (i.e.: Outlook).

    If no mail agent has been previously configured on your computer, open a New message window from your usual email account, and type "webmaster@rfsworld.com" in the “To:” field.

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