Elliptical Waveguide

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FLEXWELL® Elliptical Waveguide

Microwave radio links rely on the efficient transmission of RF energy between the radio equipment and the antenna at each site in the network. At frequencies above 2GHz, waveguides have lower attenuation than coaxial cables, and are deployed as standard practice unless ‘integrated antennas’ can be used. Radio Frequency Systems’ FLEXWELL elliptical waveguides are available in a wide selection of frequency bands from 3 to 40GHz. FLEXWELL is offered in three versions: standard, premium (low VSWR) and ‘overmoded’ (low attenuation). FLEXWELL standard waveguide is recommended for low and medium capacity radio relay systems, while premium elliptical waveguide is recommended for high capacity radio systems.
Overmoded waveguide is used when long distances or restricted power budgets call for lower than normal attenuation. This is achieved at particular frequency bands by operating the waveguide above the cut-off frequency of higher-order modes. The effect of this is to introduce additional modes—and energy—into the waveguide.

FLEXWELL elliptical waveguide is constructed using a continuous process so that the waveguide can be supplied in long lengths. A pure electrolytic copper strip is butt-welded, corrugated and formed into an approximate elliptical shape, which is covered by a black polyethylene jacket for protection during transport, installation and operation.