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Panal Antennas

RFS provides state-of-the-art base station antenna solutions - for different footprints, patterns, gains and tilt types - to suit all mobile standards in all frequency bands.

High-Band Antennas: Technological advances in design
Taking innovative strides in antenna design, High Band Variable Electrical Tilt antennas from RFS feature a completely re-designed antenna platform for premium network performance. Delivering outstanding performance, reliability and value, this series is truly one-of-a-kind in today's demanding marketplace.

Striking the perfect balance between efficiency and performance, this innovative design model will be the new standard for future RFS base station antenna products.

  • New dipole design delivers superior matching across the entire band
  • Improved antenna radiating geometry improves front-to-back ratio and cross polarization discrimination and minimizes the contact between elements to eliminate intermodulation
  • High performance phase shifter network provides precise control of the USLS suppression and pattern shape across the entire tilt range

The Optimizer® antenna series is specifically designed to offer premium network performance, delivering cost-efficient network capacity. These antennas provide unrivaled performance where it counts!

Ultra-Broadband Antennas: Ultra-flexible LTE spectrum support
RFS Ultra-Broadband Antennas dramatically simplify antenna requirements by supporting the full range of potential LTE frequencies on a single platform. Ready for LTE testing today, they eliminate the need to replace or add antennas as operators trial and deploy LTE services at different frequencies.

These antennas bring tremendous flexibility to operators with 2G, 3G, PCS, AWS, GSM1800 and mobile TV networks, enabling them to activate LTE in any frequency band, using Software- Defined Radio (SDR) - without changing the antenna. The antennas are thus ideal for meeting rebanding and refarming requirements in the 1710-2700 MHz range.

Available in dual polarization or side-by-side quad polarization versions, the antennas feature RFS premium performance: high gain, high upper sidelobe suppression and performance stability across frequencies. They also provide easy adjustments, optional remote tilt, and a low-profile design to minimize visual impact.

The side-by-side version gives operators increased flexibility to support multiple technologies and seamlessly add capacity - all under a single radome. During LTE rollout, operators will benefit from Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), beamforming and 4-way receive (Rx) diversity.

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