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The modular mid-power ClearFill®Space 1-Solution is the first fully plug-and-play system of its kind on the market and is ideal for 2G and 3G applications.

Extremely straightforward and cost-effective to install, ClearFill®Space 1's unique signal auto-levelling feature ensures that no tuning in the field is required. Between one and four remote units per master unit can be located up to 5 km distant, each providing coverage in an area up to 5,000 square meters. RFS guarantees best cost-for-coverage with ClearFill®Space 1, making it an excellent solution for areas up to 60,000 square meters.

Features and Advantages

Real “plug & play”-functionality

No field adjustments due to automatic level control down and uplink unique to RFS.
Lowest efforts for system design, installation and commissioning.
Easy system adaptation for coverage or capacity extensions.
Best in class RF output power Minimum number of remote units for maximum coverage:
Lowest capex - minimum opex spending.
Maximum distance of 5km
between remote and master unit. Again, best in class
Solution fit for every type of building.
Outstanding flexibility in system design and fiber optic routing.

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Product Releases

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