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CELLFLEX® Connectors

Premium is Our Standard
Connectors for CELLFLEX® foam dielectric cables feature a self-flaring design for low VSWR and easy installation. Contacts are silver or gold plated (ss, sg). The connector design has been optimized to ensure superior intermodulation performance as well as premium low VSWR. Therefore, connectors from RFS are always premium quality.

  • Resilient contacts: CuBe, tempered spring bronze
  • Insulation: PTFE/FEP/PE/cross-linked polystyrene
  • Center and outer conductor parts: Copper alloy, silver-plated
  • Other metal parts: Copper alloy, nickel-plated
  • Gaskets: Silicone rubber

Traditional Connectors
These connectors use a proven and reliable collet-style attachment and offer outstanding electrical performance paired with rugged mechanical features. For available types and plating, see the connector selection guide. Their trimming dimensions vary from both CAF and RAPID FIT™, so they can be installed using a different preparation tool (which is recommended), or simple hand tools.

RAPID FIT™ Connectors
RFS’s RAPID FIT connectors are renowned for performance, ease of installation and ruggedness.

Installation time and associated costs are greatly reduced because it is no longer necessary to disassemble the connector before installation. The potential loss of smaller parts during installation has been eliminated. The connector can be easily unmounted and reused if required. O-ring or Plast 2000* sealing ensures excellent water tightness.

A special trimming tool is recommended and available from RFS for trimming the cable. The use of the trimming tool enhances the speed and quality of the installation.

* Plast 2000 is a trademark of Spinner GmbH

RAPID FIT™ connectors are available for:
• SCF38 • SCF12 • UCF78A • UCF114A
• LCF12 • LCF58 • LCF78A • LCFS114A
• LCF158 • LCF214A

For LCF78-50A and UCF78-50A, RFS is now introducing the RAPID FIT 2™ connector line to continue to meet the demanding requirements of the world's markets. This connector is initially available in the 7/8" size only but will be extended to other sizes as required.

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