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  1. Are RFS cables fire retardant?
  2. Are RFS cables halogen free?
  3. Are RFS waveguides and flange connectors compatible with Andrew products?
  4. Can you fill me in on Rapid Fit connectors?


  1. Special flame retardant jacketing is available for all FLEXWELL coaxial and waveguide transmission line products. The jacketing meets the testing requirements of Underwriters Laboratories UL 1666, and qualifies for the NEC CATVR type rating [NEC Section 820-51(b) type CATVR-NEC 1996]. Flame retardant jacketing contains a UV stabilizer for added protection against direct sunlight.
  2. Standard and fire retardent jackets (Type J and JFN) are free of halogen gas.
  3. No. Our waveguide products are dimensioned differently and not compatible with Andrew products.
    • Q. What is a Rapid Fit Connector?
           A. Rapid Fit is the trade name of RFS single piece connector.
    • Q. Why have you named it Rapid Fit?
           A. We have named it Rapid Fit, because it installs quickly and easily - in the field, on top of a tower when the wind is blowing and temperatures are falling, or in the shop. This gives the installer great flexibility, since the job can be done rapidly anywhere.
    • Q. Why does the Rapid Fit install so quickly and easily in the field?
           A. The answer lies in its single piece construction. You simply trim the cable, place the O-ring on the cable, push on the Rapid fit connector, tighten it and you are done!
    • Q. What is the benefit?
           A. The main benefit is that connector installation time is cut down significantly, and that adds up to cost savings on installations. And that's something that our customers like to talk about - saving money!
    • Q. What about electrical performance?
           A. Rapid Fit connectors have excellent electrical performance. Rapid Fit's unique 360 Degree Full Contact Technology, with Snap Finger outer contact design, ensures electrical integrity and delivers lower, more stable and consistent IM performance.
    • Q. Are these connectors waterproof?
           A. Yes. Rapid Fit's rugged, waterproof design ensures extended worry-free service, even in the harshest environments.
    • Q. Which connector sizes are these initially offered in?
           A. Rapid Fit connectors are available in popular cable sizes, that is 1/2", 7/8', and 1-5/8" in both type N and 7-16 DIN interface.
    • Q. Are trimming tools available?
           A. Trimming tools are available for 1/2" and 7/8" connectors. While trimming tools are not an absolute must, it is recommend that these tools are used for fast, easy and more precise installations. Furthermore use of these avoid copper chips from getting into the cables' current path and aid in achieving optimum electrical performance.
    • Q. Are these the same trimming tools as the standard connectors?
           A. No. Since the trimming dimensions are different than the standard connectors, Rapid Fit connectors have different trimming tools. Their trimming method is the same as the standard tools but they have different part numbers. These are going to be red in color. Easy to remember - Red tools for Rapid Fit connectors.
    • Q. Can these connectors be installed without trimming tools?
           A. Yes. 7/8" and 1-5/8" connectors will come with a cutting guide which would provide assistance in producing an even cut. On ½" connectors, since the center conductor has to be exposed, cutting without a tool is not easy. Thus a trimming tool for 1/2" connectors is highly recommended.

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