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Broadcast Combiners

RFS is a pioneer in many combiner technologies. From industry leading space saving low power combiners to world-firsts in high power adjacent channel combining systems, RFS has the global expertise to be your partner in combining services.

A range of commutating line and balanced combiners are available for Bands III, IV and V depending on the number of channels to be combined and required isolation between channels.

CC Series - Commutating Line Combiners
These constant impedance combiners are ideally suited where wide channel spacings are used (minimum two channel spacing). Up to eight channels can be combined into one antenna system.

CA, CW Series - Balanced Combiners
These combiners are balanced, constant impedance and suitable for adjacent and non-adjacent channel TV combining. Three, four, five, six and eight pole bandpass filters are available using coaxial and waveguide technology. Invar temperature compensation, field proven power ratings, compact size and expansion capability make these units ideal for DTV applications.

FM Radio
A range of balanced and star-point (branched) FM combiners is available depending on the frequency spacing and required performance.

CA Series – Balanced Combiners
The balanced bandpass design offers an expandable system to enable additional stations to be added in the future. Channel spacing as close as 800KHz can be provided for and between 2 and 16 channels can be combined into one antenna system.

CS Series – Starpoint Combiners
For up to 4 channel applications. Other combining networks comprising hybrid balanced/commutating line systems can be designed to meet particular needs.

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