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  1. Can I change the operational frequency range of my Receiver MultiCoupler?
  2. Can I change the operational voltage of my Receiver MultiCoupler?
  3. We are considering installing Celwave Bi-Directional Amplifiers to expand our coverage area. Do you have any guidelines for setting up a site?
  4. We have been using Celwave Bi-Directional Amplifiers successfully to improve in-building coverage for many years in our analog systems. We are now converting to digital modulation and need to know if they will work OK?
  5. We have several Celwave Bi-Directional Amplifiers installed. A competing service operator is causing interference. Is it possible to increase selectivity to reject the undesired RF carrier?


  1. Because we use broadband amplifiers having wide bandwidths it may be as easy as changing the preselector. Give us the complete RMC model number when you call. We will see if the existing amplifier will pass the desired frequencies and if there is a suitable replacement filter available.
  2. Changing between 110 VAC, 60 Hz and 220 VAC, 50 Hz is very easy. Just pull out the fuseholder, flip it over, and reinstall it. A fuse of the appropriate value should be used. The RMC will consume the same power at either voltage so the current at 220 V will be approximately half that at 110 V. Refer to the fuse label on the power supply for the proper rating. Replace the line cord plug with the appropriate type to match the local receptacle. Changing the DC Voltage or polarity is more complex. Contact our Applications Engineering Department for advice.
  3. Yes. Refer to our application note Installing BDA's.
  4. Yes. All products are FCC certified for digital modulations.
  5. Yes. Refer to our application note improving Cellular BDA performance with external filter options or improving 800 MHz SMR BDA performance with external filter options.

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