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8-port TDD Beamforming Antenna for the 3.5GHz band

Enables Increased LTE Network Densification & Preparation for 5G Rollout

This antenna provides an ideal solution using 4 columns (8 Ports) for flexible use in MIMO Beamforming applications in the 3.5GHz band (3400-3800MHz). The ability to support 3.5GHz applications is pivotal as operators around the world seek to accommodate growing LTE demand, deploy new small cells, and prepare for the imminent rollout of 5G. The 3.5GHz band will play a critical role in the evolution of wireless networks. RFS is delivering innovative products that will allow customers to make the most of this frequency band in order to maximize LTE network capacity today and prepare for 5G tomorrow. The new antenna is the first in a multi-phased roadmap for providing future-proof technologies for 3.5GHz frequencies.

Multiple individual beam control (Unit Beam)

Single high-powered beam option (Broadcast Beam)

Beam steering flexibility (Service Beam)

Integrated, field-replaceable AISG-compliant RET motor

Robust, UV-resistant ASA radome for high long-term heat resistance

Calibration port functionality for precise steering performance

Variable electrical down tilt 2-10 degrees

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Product Releases

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