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1.4GHz Three-Column Multi-Band Antennas for LTE Applications

Ultra-Wideband (1400-2690MHz) Design Supports New and Legacy Frequencies from a Single Antenna

RFS’ new antenna family is particularly critical as the 1.4GHz band continues to be reallocated from satellite communications to LTE applications. RFS’ three-column platform is also ready to host additional bands such as 3.5GHz and 5GHz. Newly licensed frequencies have the potential to provide today’s mobile operators with much-needed capacity support for continually growing mobile network traffic. RFS’ first three-column platform iteration allows the addition of 1.4GHz band support alongside legacy low (694-960MHz) and high (1695-2690MHz) frequency bands without the need for any internal or external diplexing and will continue enabling MIMO 4x4 in these bands while offering high gain on all bands. The new flexible, future-proof technology provides a flexible platform allowing the evolution up to 16-ports without any diplexing AND on a single antenna. This platform offers operators the flexibility to deploy multiple radio technologies with several frequency bands and 4-way MIMO on a single, 50 cm (19.7 in) wide antenna with best-in-class windload and PIM performances.

Features Benefits
4T4R MIMO Supports multiple low and high bands
Sleek, narrow radome design dramatically reduces wind load 

Minimizes tower loading on crowded networks

Independent electrical downtilt Allows for greater flexibility in system design and optimized performance
Integrated RET, manual overdrive and tilt indicator Streamlines installation and ensures ease-of-use
4.3-10 connector interface Provides optimized PIM stability
Future-proof technology Ideal for new frequency band introductions such as 3.5GHz
Readiness for antenna sharing

Enables separate tilt management and several RF port/frequencies per operator

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Product Releases

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