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WINS Passive System Components

Combining Network
Whenever more than one BTS has to be connected into RF distribution system there is a need for a combining network.

This can be as simple as a crossband coupler for a two BTS system with bi-directional ports, each working on a different frequency band.

This can also be a complex system combining many services spread over a number of frequency bands, all switched onto the same RF distribution network.

The performance of these combining networks strongly influences the transmission quality of the entire WINS system in both directions, up link and down link, as there are for example: intermodulation products, frequency band separation, and up/down link separation. RFS has the knowledge and many years of experience in developing and producing this equipment.

RFS offer equipment for combining of one service per frequency band as well as of multi services per band, and multi band applications.

Larger complex combining networks are often customized equipment, developed or adapted to the special requirements of special applications.

RFS also offers standardized combiner modules in 19" rack technology that are suitable for many in-building and tunnel applications. One module generally features separated Rx and Tx ports for each of 4 BTS links combining them to one common port. One module serves one frequency band. Combiner modules are developed for all common mobile bands worldwide including:

  • TETRA 380 MHz
  • CDMA 800 MHz
  • GSM 900 MHz
  • GSM 1800 MHz
  • PCS 1900 MHz
  • UMTS 2100 MHz

Each combiner module can also be equipped with an additional RF port interface to link fiber optic converters.

A 19" multi-port module can combine up to four frequency bands providing two or four common bidirectional RF ports for distribution.

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