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Uruguay Digital TV will have RFS’ Broadcast systems

Antel starts Phase II

RFS’ first major broadcast project in Uruguay was closed right after the country defined its regulation of digital technology in the country, which decided to use the Nippon-Brazilian standard, used practically in all South American countries, the ISDB-T standard. With the investment, Antel – Telecommunications National Administration aims to reach most of the population with DTV services. The new system is planned to be implemented in approximately two years and will be supplied with several RFS broadcast solutions, besides the sites infrastructure and active equipment, resulting of a joint effort from RFS and its Argentine distributor, Mach Electronics.

As in most of RFS’ broadcast projects, the offered solution was totally customized according to Antel’s specific needs. “We are talking about less than 1 kW power per channel, which allows us to use small panel antennas or, in some cases, slot antennas, which present a very good cost-benefit”, says Renato França, Broadcast director Latin America. “Most of the Uruguayan sites will share TV channels in a single radiant system,  so we could include our combiners and the PeakPower+TM filters, which bring flexibility to the project in case we need future adjustments when channelizing the system”, adds the executive. Cables and accessories will be supplied by RFS Brasil as other items will be directly shipped from RFS Australia, where the RFS Group has its broadcast competence center.

The innovative filters technology has been part of RFS expertise for many years. Globally successful, the PeakPower+ filters family support power varying from 10 Watts to 10KWatts and the highest tension peak levels among products in the market, easily be tunable in UHF band to any channel and technology, making it possible to reach the critical mask with 6-poles models instead of the traditional 8-poles products.

RFS, with business units in several cities in Latin America, besides its plant located in Embu das Artes, São Paulo, has MACH Electronics as its partner in Argentina, and more recently in Uruguay. The Argentine company will be responsible for integrating the system in the full turnkey project, supplying regional infrastructure and services, while RFS will provide the passive system – combiners, mask filters, patch panels, transmission lines and antennas, besides training and technical support. “We have been RFS’ telecom partner for more than 20 years. In the broadcast segment, we have been working together since 2010 and now that the INVAP Project, in Argentina, is at its final step of implementation, we would like to take advantage of all the expertise reached to develop new businesses in other Latin American countries. Mach’ team is very well trained and knowledgeable in RFS’ broadcast portfolio and will have additional training in Australia specifically aiming the implementation of the Uruguayan case”, says Nicolas Bloise, President Mach Electronics.RFS’ participation in the Uruguayan Project increases its presence in the region, after having implemented its digital TV systems to main broadcasters in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. “The market keeps growing and RFS is ready to consolidate itself as the absolute broadcast leader in Latin America”, finalizes França.

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