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UHF antenna for all conditions

To complement its existing range of broadband UHF panel antennas, wireless technology group Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has developed a range of UHF panel antennas fully enclosed by a cylindrical radome. Providing broadcasters with maximum flexibility, the new fully enclosed antenna will be available with either horizontal- or vertical-polarisation (PHP-R and PVP-R), and support multiple channel broadband operation over the entire UHF band (470-860 MHz).

The antenna is ideal for television broadcast sites subject to harsh environmental conditions, since the antenna radiating elements are protected from corrosive environments and the smooth radome profile reduces the effect of ice build-up and improves wind resistance.

“This antenna is different from our PHP/PVP series panel antennas, because the fibreglass radome provides full structural support,” said Nick Wymant, RFS Program Manager for the antenna’s development. “However, the UHF radiators and distribution systems inside are based on proven RFS technology used in the PHP/PVP panel arrays. The radome and antenna system have been carefully designed to ensure premium performance.”

RFS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of television broadcasting broadband panel arrays, which provide more flexible azimuth pattern shaping capability compared with slot antennas. According to Wymant, the new fully enclosed antenna provides even greater azimuth pattern performance, owing to the structural support provided by the radome, which precludes the need for a central support and allows the individual panels to be mounted closer together.

The vertically polarised PVP-R antenna will be launched in May 2004, with the horizontally polarised version (PHP-R) to follow in July. The new antennas will also be available in a range of gains, with panel heights ranging from four (typically 10 dB) to 16 (typically 16 dB), suitable for low to high power transmission sites. For sites or structures that are prone to dynamic oscillation, a vibration dampening system is also an option.

RFS’s comprehensive range of broadcast solutions will be on display at BroadcastAsia 2004. Visit the broadcast systems team to discuss customised RF solutions: stand 1F1-1 at Singapore Expo, 15-18 June 2004.

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