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The search begins at WWW.RFSWORLD.COM
In today’s technology-enabled world, the Internet is often the first port of call for seekers of information from all around the globe. RFS is rising to meet this challenge.


With RFS’s evolving product database at WWW.RFSWORLD.COM, just a few mouse-clicks allow customers to download detailed technical specifications of Mobile Antenna Systems products that meet user-specific criteria. “The main goal of the database is to provide a source for RFS customers that is constantly, dynamically updateable,” said Ann Polanski, RFS Americas marketing manager. “The present catalogue is updated with new products and specification changes on an ongoing basis.”
Products can be searched using either specific numerical codes or illustrative key words. To help streamline this, product descriptions have been embellished to include the most likely search terms. The search engine also takes into account the precise order in which technical search criteria are entered, so that the search quickly targets those products with the most important, first-named characteristics.
After a few easy steps, the result is one or more products that meet the required specifications. These can be compared with each other, and the datasheets viewed as html files. The datasheets can then be printed or e-mailed as html attachments for inclusion in proposals and quotations. Customers literally have a huge volume of data at their fingertips.
According to Polanski, the most important requirement of the product database was that it be user-friendly. In order to make sure that all facts were accurate and all customers’ needs met, Polanski involved product managers, applications engineers and sales personnel in the database’s development. “If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s when I get a catalogue and can’t find things in it,” she said. “I’m also a firm believer in using terms that are user-friendly—for example, product descriptions that call a ‘cable’ a ‘cable’.”
Although initially developed for RFS’s Mobile Antenna Systems product range, the searchable database is in the process of expanding to incorporate the full spectrum of RFS products. Users can look forward to increased functionality—including a greater range of products with even more information and links.
The portal is WWW.RFSWORLD.COM