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RFS strikes landmark supply agreement with Broadcast Australia

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) today inked a landmark supply agreement with leading broadcast services provider, Broadcast Australia. The uniquely structured ‘Master Purchase Agreement’ promises to streamline supply of RFS’s leading-edge broadcast solutions across the Broadcast Australia group of companies. Allowing the companies to conduct business with unrivalled levels of flexibility--both within Australia and abroad--the new agreement facilitates the application of RFS broadcast technologies at both Broadcast Australia-owned and third-party sites.

The official signing ceremony, carried out at the 2007 SMPTE exhibition at Sydney’s Darling Harbor, was attended by RFS President, Stéphane Klajzyngier, Broadcast Australia Managing Director, Graeme Barclay, and RFS Asia Pacific South Chief Executive Officer; President Broadcasting, Towers and Defense, Martyn Kemel.

According to RFS’s Global Product Manager, Broadcast and Defense Systems, Mick Bennett, the agreement embodies the very nature of the long relationship between the two companies. “The overriding theme of this agreement is co-operation--a co-operation that has been the foundation of RFS’s business relationship with Broadcast Australia for some time. This spirit of co-operation really underpins the entire agreement,” he said.

Wide ranging flexibility in the way the two companies can do business forms the heart of the new agreement. It supports a range of potential commercial relationships, including with Broadcast Australia itself, or with its various subsidiaries, such as The Bridge Networks, and The Bridge Networks New Zealand (formerly Telequipment of Wellington).

“Broadcast Australia now has the ability to readily purchase equipment through any of its group companies, greatly reducing purchasing and administrative complexities,” said Stephen Farrugia, Director of Engineering at Broadcast Australia. “As we grow our business into countries where RFS operates today, the new agreement ensures we have truly adaptable systems in place to support this growth.” RFS’s Martyn Kemel concurred on this important point.

“RFS has been able to align itself with the growing needs of Broadcast Australia,” he said. “As Broadcast Australia enters new business arenas locally and internationally, this new agreement allows for the appropriate level of support from RFS.”

The value provided by RFS to Broadcast Australia extends well beyond technology, and into important value-add areas such as knowledge exchange and solutions development. “Broadcast Australia regards RFS as part of its ‘Virtual Team’--we regularly utilize RFS’s specialist engineering team to assist in developing tailored solutions for our customers,” said Farrugia. “The new agreement ensures we have access to this specialist knowledge and resources wherever and whenever it is required to meet our expanding business needs.”

The two companies--in their various evolutionary forms--have enjoyed a fruitful business relationship for decades, resulting in a uniquely close liaison. “RFS has always seen its relationship with Broadcast Australia, and its predecessors, as a true partnership,” Kemel said. “It is a partnership that has stood the test of time for over 50 years, and one that we believe is destined to support great mutual success in the years to come.”


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Radio Frequency Systems is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure.

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