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RFS signals copper transmission line price correction

Current unprecedented global demand for copper has led to an increase in price of Radio Frequency Systems’ (RFS) copper-based transmission line products. The company has today announced a six per cent increase in the price of its leading CELLFLEX brand foam-dielectric coaxial RF transmission line, effective immediately.

By contrast, the pricing of the company’s innovative aluminum-based CELLFLEX Lite transmission line will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. The advanced CELLFLEX Lite transmission line is, according to RFS, increasingly finding favor with carriers around the world, as it offers premium RF performance at a particularly attractive price-point.

RFS President Global Transmission Line Products, Mark Davies, stated that the company’s low pricing of its traditional copper-based CELLFLEX transmission line had not accurately reflected the true nature of today’s commodity market. Such pricing, he said, was unsustainable under the relentless pressure of commodity price rises, and had unfortunately led to a broad-based price rise for its copper-based CELLFLEX variants.

“Global demand for the copper, from which our traditional CELLFLEX transmission line products are produced, is increasing at an unprecedented rate,” he said. “This is creating significant rises in global market raw material pricing. Copper increased in price by over 40 per cent in the first half of 2007, and breached the US$8,000 per tonne figure in May. In contrast, aluminum commodity pricing has remained largely steady (at around US$2,700 per tonne) during the same period. As a result, RFS’s CELLFLEX Lite aluminum transmission solution is proving to be increasingly attractive to customers around the world, not only on the strength of its premium performance, but also price. ”

Both RFS transmission line options--either the traditional copper-based CELLFLEX, or the new aluminum CELLFLEX Lite--exhibit RFS’s world-renowned commitment to premium quality. “Quite simply, the unrivalled quality and performance of RFS CELLFLEX and CELLFLEX Lite transmission line products is non-negotiable,” Davies said.

This, Davies said, has important ramifications in today’s wireless world. “Contemporary wireless carriers are particularly opex sensitive. The proven longevity and premium performance of the CELLFLEX suite ensures that transmission line total life-cycle costs are absolutely minimal. As a result, CELLFLEX underpins the long-term opex minimization objectives that are central to most carriers’ network deployment and management strategies,” he said


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Company background
Radio Frequency Systems is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure.

RFS serves OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land-mobile and microwave market sectors. As an ISO compliant organization with manufacturing and customer service facilities that span the globe, RFS offers cutting-edge engineering capabilities, superior field support and innovative product design. RFS is a leader in wireless infrastructure.

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