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RFS Shows Future-Proof DTV Antenna Products at NAB 2014

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist. RFS designs and manufactures a range of antennas including tailored panel arrays, combiners and filters, RF switch frames and flexible air-dielectric transmission lines.  
With a worldwide customer base and 80 years of experience in the broadcast industry, RFS’ engineers are dedicated to total broadcast RF system design – from the output of the transmitter to the antenna.

With the repack of the UHF spectrum pending in 2015, many broadcasters have been reluctant to invest in technology as it may be made obsolete by a new channel allocation. At NAB 2014, RFS will display a suite of products that are frequency agile, polarization agile and future proof, including its SC array, wideband series of slot cavity arrays and PEP Lite array.

SC array, a slotted coaxial antenna array for both top and side mounted configurations. This antenna is ideally suited for use as a high performance frequency agile temporary antenna and is available with standard patterns including omni, cardioid, broad cardioid and skull. During the repack, this antenna could operate on the original channel, an interim channel and the final channel. Elevation gains suit the specific station needs and these antennas are available with elliptical or full circular polarization.

RFS will also debut the wideband series of slot cavity arrays. These antennas are fully flexible and frequency agile with the width of the full UHF band. This array is available in 8 to 32 bays in 8 bay increments and several azimuthal patterns. This is an optimal solution for single stations seeking independence and can also be configured to allow up to two stations to define respective independent polarizations and broadcast simultaneously.

Additionally, RFS will unveil the PEP Lite array, which has similar wind load characteristics to traditional pylon arrays but is both frequency agile (covering the full UHF array) and polarization agile, allowing two channels to operate in the array with different polarization ratios. These polarization ratios can also be changed in the future with no change to the antenna system. Advantages include reduced tower loading and streamlined installation.

Nick Wymant, CTO of RFS' Broadcast Division, will also present an educational session, “Future Proofing Your DTV Transmission Facility” at the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Tuesday April 8, 2014 from 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm in South Hall, room S228.

WHERE:    NAB 2014 will be held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. RFS will be exhibiting in booth #C2621.

WHEN:      NAB 2014 will take place from April 7-10, 2014.

About RFS : Radio Frequency Systems is a global designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems, providing RF Systems solutions for television and radio, cell-based mobile communications, in-building, in-tunnels, radio-link networks, HF and defence. RFS undertakes activities in research and development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, providing total-package wireless infrastructure solutions for commercial broadcasting, PTT and defence radio communications industries.

Specializing in broadband multi-channel broadcast systems, RFS designs and manufactures world-leading channel combining and filtering technology, RF switch frames, flexible air-dielectric transmission line, and a range of antenna options, including tailored panel arrays.

For more than 70 years, RFS has provided its customers a world-class service that today is backed by a global presence of nine manufacturing centers-of-excellence, sales and technical support centers in 23 countries.  RFS offers advanced engineering capabilities, superior field support, and expert technical assistance and training to provide scalable, flexible, future-proof and lightweight end-to-end solutions optimized across the entire RF chain. As an ISO-compliant organization, RFS solutions offer proven longevity, premium performance and unrivalled quality.

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