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RFS Provides Local Television Coverage at Crystal Palace in Double Quick Time

London (UK), December 20, 2013. In January 2012, Ofcom published a draft paper which illustrated the coverage that might be achieved by local television services in 44 locations across the UK. Ofcom subsequently commissioned Arqiva, an infrastructure provider and broadcaster in the UK to carry out a study to assess the feasibility of building local TV infrastructure at each of the proposed locations and of accommodating antennas on the transmission structures.

In July 2013, Arqiva were selected to provide its transmission services to Comux Ltd for local TV. TV stations are now launching across the country with the first 19 being rolled out by December this year and the remainder into 2014.

Arqiva sought the technical input of RFS back in January 2013 for the entire planned LTV Network.  Crystal Palace, a site in South London, is Arqiva’s premier site and was considered a key location for this new network. To keep costs to a minimum Arqiva’s decision was to use Log Periodic antennas, where possible.

There were, however, a few sites which, due to their location and population coverage, demanded more complex solutions. Crystal Palace was one of these where the antenna was to be installed on one leg of the structure (shown here), 127 metres above the ground on a 200 metre tall tower.

Being in such a prime location, the antenna performance and coverage requirements were extremely challenging, with much emphasis placed upon ensuring that the actual antenna would perform to the levels depicted within the RFS design proposal. To achieve the required coverage a combination of broadband panel types was used. There was also concern over the effects on the antenna pattern of the tower behind the antenna, so significant screening was included in the design.

In the end, the RFS antenna assembly personnel in RFS Haddenham had just one and a half days to convert a ‘kit of parts’ into a fully assembled, operating antenna ready for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the RFS Haddenham facility under the close scrutiny of Arqiva and their installation company.

Despite the demanding programme, the antenna was installed on  the test structure at RFS Haddenham in good time, ready for testing on the 6th of November 2013. The tests were witnessed by the installer and a representative from Arqiva.  The tests progressed without a hitch, and the Antenna passed with flying colours.
Thanks to the efforts of the entire Broadcast Team at RFS Haddenham (with valued support from our colleagues at RFS-Australia), the antenna was designed, assembled and tested within particularly challenging timescales.  These demands were met head-on and well and truly beaten, providing the opportunity for the antenna to be installed to allow switch on in good time for the festive season.

Both our direct and indirect Customers always depend heavily upon the diligence and commitment to success which the Broadcast Team at RFS Haddenham bring to any project.
The multi-faceted understanding within RFS UK of the constituent parts of a Broadcast Project always
provides the ‘added value’ to our core product supply involvement, and this continues to keep RFS at the forefront of the UK Broadcast Industry.

An Arqiva representative recently quoted: “When we have a need for a Broadcast System, RFS are always at the front of our minds”

The Crystal Palace transmission site now boasts four high power RFS antenna systems;
1.    The S1 (Main-Public Services)
    Antenna Model PHP72I,

2.    The S2 (Main-Private Sector)
    Antenna Model PHP72I,

3.    The S3 (Reserve)   
    Antenna Model PHP144L,

4.    Local TV antenna
    Antenna Model PHP4A+PHP5S-8B

Not forgetting around 500 metres of 5-inch RFS HCA550 and 650 metres of 6-inch RFS HCA618 feeder cable.

Martin Gould, Arqiva’s Head of Commercial commented: “Many thanks to you and your team for making this happen”

Another Broadcast Success for Radio Frequency Systems !

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