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25-May-2007 Print page

RFS OMNI FIT--the aluminum/copper connection

Always at the forefront of RF technology development, leading wireless technology group, Radio Frequency Systems has introduced an important complement to its comprehensive CELLFLEX transmission line family: the new OMNI FIT connector series.

Building on the unrivalled performance and handling features of RFS’s well-known RAPID FIT connector, OMNI FIT is compatible with the entire CELLFLEX transmission line series. This includes the well-established CELLFLEX and CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation copper transmission lines, along with RFS’s innovative CELLFLEX Lite aluminum-outer conductor transmission line.

Offered in 7/8-inch and 1-5/8-inch diameter size, the OMNI FIT connector series features a specially designed ‘contact claw’ and ‘backnut’, making it electrically compatible with both copper and aluminum transmission line. “The versatile nature of the OMNI FIT connector series means network providers don’t have to keep multiple connector varieties for each transmission line variant,” said Siegfried Behrens, VP Global Product Management Transmission Lines. “OMNI FIT allows users to streamline their inventory--one connector for all transmission line applications, copper or aluminum.”

According to Behrens, the OMNI FIT connector series is a generational evolution of the company’s renowned RAPID FIT connector, and has been optimized to deliver a powerful combination of performance, flexibility and handling. “The OMNI FIT connectors are based on RFS’s popular ‘RAPID FIT’ design, providing users with familiar connection technology, enabling trouble-free installation and operation,” he said. “When paired with RFS’s lightweight CELLFLEX Lite transmission line, the OMNI FIT connector fast-tracks installation, and assists network providers in the cost-efficient rapid roll-out of wireless network infrastructure.”

RFS’s OMNI FIT connector series is rated to IP68 and features a rigid and robust construction, ensuring the integrity of the transmission line/connector contact point. Maintaining a seamless union, free from contaminants, yields optimal performance. “Whether used in conjunction with copper or aluminum cable, the OMNI FIT series exhibits world-class VSWR, return loss, and intermodulation performance,” said Behrens. “Its robust construction and overall rigidity minimizes any micro-movement that may arise from temperature fluctuations and wind vibrations.”

The OMNI FIT series is complemented by RFS’s new HSE and GKFORM grounding kits. In keeping with the OMNI FIT series, the updated HSE and GKFORM grounding kits, feature a specially designed contact element that is electrically compatible with both copper and aluminum transmission line. “Both the HSE and GKFORM grounding kits make it easy to establish a good electrical connection between the feeder and ground wire,” said Behrens.” This is crucial for protecting valuable network infrastructure against lightning strike influences.”

With a range of transmission line options, as well as connectors and grounding kits to suit both copper and aluminum transmission line, RFS is fully equipped to provide the wireless world with complete end-to-end transmission line solutions.
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