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RFS “optimal mix” AWS solution set unveiled at CTIA Wireless 2007

In the wake of the September 2006 Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) auctions, a crucial need has emerged for appropriate AWS-band technology. At the 2007 CTIA Wireless exhibition, wireless solutions group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), will address this need head on with the launch of an entirely new range of tower-top RF technology, specifically designed for the AWS band.

Uniquely complete, the RFS AWS-band solution set comprises an advanced tower-top control and monitoring system, a suite of broadband PCS/AWS-band base station antennas, AWS-band tower-mount amplifiers (TMAs), and premium attenuation transmission line and accessories.

“For the new AWS spectrum owners, the most immediate need is to achieve fast return on investment, while ensuring premium network QoS,” said RFS Director of Marketing and Product Management, Larry Heisler. “The RFS AWS-band solution set has been specifically developed to meet these needs. It represents the optimal mix of AWS tower-top deployment and optimization solutions--it is, quite simply, the most comprehensive AWS solution set on the market today.”

Network optimization, he said, is central to the needs of AWS-band carriers. “AWS broadband wireless networks--most notably UMTS networks--will be particularly demanding from an operational and optimization perspective,” Heisler said. “It’s for this reason that our AWS solution set is centered on RFS’s new AISG v2.0 tower-top control and monitoring solution set.”

Fully compliant with the latest revision of the open communications standard of the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG), the RFS AISG v2.0 tower-top control and monitoring solution set empowers carriers to cost-effectively optimize their networks in real-time. Representing the premium optimization solution for 3G wireless applications, the RFS AISG v2.0 suite comprises all key antenna line elements. Importantly, as AISG v2.0 is ratified by the ‘Third Generation Partnership Project’ (3GPP), the RFS AISGv2.0 suite is ideal for UMTS deployments.

RFS’s new Optimizer ‘S-series’ of broadband antennas complements the AISG v2.0 solution set. The result of a focused development program, the Optimizer ‘S-series’ is the best-performing AWS/PCS broadband base station antenna on the market today. The antenna family has been specially designed to provide excellent performance across the entire 1710 to 2170MHz band, ensuring close matching of AWS uplink and downlink performance, while maintaining state-of-the-art PCS services. The ‘S-series’ boasts an azimuth horizontal beamwidth difference of less than seven degrees between uplink and downlink; plus a gain difference of less than 1dB.

Also on show will be RFS’s new range of dual-duplex AWS TMAs. Available in either dual AWS band, or dual band AWS/PCS, the TMAs are compact and offer high performance. Providing a nominal gain of 12dB, the new TMAs feature particularly low loss as a result of the units’ low noise figures, both at mid-band (AWS band 1.3dB, PCS band 1.4dB) and band-edge (AWS band 1.5dB, PCS band 1.7dB).

Lastly, the new AWS solution set includes RFS’s renowned CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation high-performance coaxial transmission line. The transmission line addresses the enhanced ‘link budget’ challenges inherent to the AWS band, plus the specific need for premium signal-to-noise ratios and minimal bit error rates (BER). Ideally suited to meet these AWS-band challenges, CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation offers attenuation improvements of up to eight percent, in cable sizes of 7/8, 1-1/4 and 1-5/8-inch diameters.

To learn more of RFS’s complete AWS-band solution set, visit RFS at CTIA Wireless 2007: Booth 3763, Hall B, West Building, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida (March 27 to 29, 2007).

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