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RFS meets the AWS backhaul challenge at CTIA Wireless 2007

In the wake of last year’s advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum auction, new AWS licensees now face the challenge of relocating the band’s incumbent-users. At the CTIA Wireless 2007 exhibition in Orlando, Florida, wireless solutions group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), will be available to discuss microwave solutions to meet these unique band relocation requirements.

RFS’s CTIA Wireless 2007 exhibit will include elements of the company’s comprehensive microwave solution set; a set that presents fast, flexible and economic AWS backhaul relocation options. The RFS range incorporates an extensive suite of antennas--including standard, high and ultra-high performance models, and the popular RFS CompactLine, SlimLine ranges--plus FLEXWELL elliptical waveguide, dehydration systems and accessories.

According to RFS Area Product Manager, Microwave Antenna Systems, Asad Zoberi, up until late 2006 the AWS band was used for a variety of government and non-government services. All will now require relocation.

“This is ‘the other side of the coin’ in AWS-band network deployment--these relocations must begin in 2007, and be completed by end 2010,” Zoberi said. “The fact that there will be so much riding on the deployment of the new AWS services is bound to put pressure on the incumbents. The new licensees--who will foot the bill for backhaul relocation--are likely to want to liberate the spectrum right away.”

While numerous options are open to these incumbents--including lease of T1 lines, or deployment of fiber networks--Zoberi believes that the relocation of the AWS-band backhaul services to alternative microwave bands is most flexible and economic. “Microwave options can cover great distances without extra costs, are quick to deploy, present superior reliability and offer payback periods of as little as two years,” he said.

“They also present the opportunity upgrade to digital microwave technology, where capacity is generally much less of an issue. Furthermore, with microwave backhaul, users have total control of the system.”

Numerous band options are potentially available, including bands neighboring to the AWS band, plus a selection of alternative frequency bands: 4 and 7GHz for Federal government agencies, and 6, 10, 11 and 18GHz bands for private/commercial entities. “The critical issue of fast incumbent relocation is likely to favor these microwave networks. These radio link networks solutions are ready and available. RFS can assist in providing premium antenna solutions in all the major microwave bands,” Zoberi said.

To learn more of RFS’s microwave backhaul solution set for AWS-band incumbents, visit RFS at CTIA Wireless 2007: Booth 3763, Hall B, West Building, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida (March 27 to 29, 2007).

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