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RFS marks the 60th anniversary of corrugated cables, highlights the value of the company's invention to telecom and broadcast customers

Colombes (France), July 5, 2011 – Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today celebrated the 60th anniversary of corrugated cables by noting the continued importance of the company's invention to telecom operators. Corrugation makes cables more flexible, helping operators save time and money during installations. While there have been design improvements over the years, RFS still designs corrugated cables according to the invention's basic principles. The integrity of the original invention and its long-term use confirm the significance and value of corrugated cables to telecom and broadcast customers worldwide.

60th anniversary of corrugated cables
"Corrugated cables are extremely flexible, making installations much easier and faster than with smooth wall cables," says Sergio Massao Katsuda, RFS Product Manager for Transmission Lines in Latin America. "For example, RFS' corrugated aluminum CELLFLEX® cables offer a 69 percent lower bending moment than smooth wall aluminum cables. That means they are not subjected to excessive force — and potential damage — during bending. Well-established and standard connection procedures further simplify installation, eliminate the need for specialized tools and reduce the risk of poor performance. Telecom operators benefit from reduced time and labor costs at each site where corrugated cables are installed. This has been proven during many years of installations at hundreds of thousands of sites."

Corrugated cables offer additional advantages over smooth wall designs. Corrugated cables:
• Do not suffer from "creep" which means that Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) do not become problems.
• Manage thermal expansion to ensure pressure on the central pin does not build to excess.
• Require only a 13.0 Nm bending moment for a 7/8-inch cable compared to the 35.5 Nm bending moment required by a smooth wall cable of the same size.
• Can be easily recycled because the layers are not bonded together.

RFS has long used corrugated cables to innovate and better serve operators' needs. RFS innovations include the first corrugated, seam-welded coaxial cables, the first corrugated aluminum outer conductors for foam dielectric cables and HYBRIFLEX™, the first lightweight aluminum corrugated cable to combine optical fiber and DC power for Remote Radio Heads (RRHs). RFS also offers the most comprehensive low-loss, corrugated feeder cable portfolio on the market.

RFS has been developing and manufacturing corrugated aluminum cables since the early 1970s. The company's expertise was recognized early on when RFS' corrugated aluminum cables were used to enable shortwave radio reporting from the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. The corrugated aluminum outer conductor allowed RFS to deliver a 9-inch cable. A jacket could not be used because it would melt due to high temperatures.

The 50 km of 9-inch cable deployed for the 1972 Olympics is still in operation today. This fact confirms the long-term reliability of corrugated aluminum cables — even without the protection of a jacket. Many other real-world examples prove the long-term performance characteristics of corrugated cables. For example, CELLFLEX Lite cables installed five years ago still deliver excellent PIM and IMD values. The results were confirmed at a site in Italy and another in Germany. The cables were tested by two different companies with different measurement equipment.

The value of RFS' CELLFLEX Lite corrugated cables is widely recognized. RFS Brazil has been manufacturing and selling CELLFLEX Lite corrugated cables since 2007 and currently enjoys a 75 percent market share in the South American country. Approximately 90 percent of RFS Brazil's total cable production is corrugated aluminum cables. RFS designs and manufactures corrugated cables in Brazil, China, Germany and the United States.

Trademarks: RFS® and CELLFLEX® are registered trademarks and HYBRIFLEX is a trademark of Radio Frequency Systems. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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