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24-Jun-2007 Print page

RFS launches WiMAX-ready indoor solution

In support of emerging WiMAX services, Radio Frequency Systems has launched the first phase of a complete wireless indoor solutions (WINS) suite accommodating bands up to 6GHz. The expanded RFS ClearFill ‘Line’ solution set now offers ultra-broadband passive RF distribution systems (30MHz to 6GHz) with unsurpassed flexibility and reliability.

According to Peter Raabe, RFS Director Product Management for WINS, the WiMAX-ready ClearFill Line solution set includes the world’s first flat-foil radiating cable supporting up to 6GHz, a tiny 9cm (3.4-inch) diameter indoor antenna, and a series of ultra-broadband power dividers. “We’ve put together a high-performance and modular solution set to support indoor WiMAX coverage,” he said.

Radiating cable: The new and world-first 1/2-inch RADIAFLEX RLKD flat-foil radiating cable operates from 800MHz to 6GHz, and provides unrivalled electrical performance at WiMAX frequencies--particularly in terms of coupling loss and system loss at 3.3 to 3.7GHz. “Because it’s a flat-foil cable, we can achieve an optimum WiMAX slot configuration on the outer copper conductor,” Raabe said. “It is particularly significant that we have doubled the frequency range of operation for the RLK series, without any loss of performance.”

Complementing the RLKD is the existing 1/2-inch RADIAFLEX RCF corrugated radiating cable, which is broadband from 30MHz to 6GHz. The corrugated outer conductor means the RCF is a more robust alternative to the RLKD, and also has a smaller bending radius.

Indoor antennas: RFS has introduced two new indoor antenna models to support WiMAX services. The first is an ultra-broadband omni antenna (model I-ATO1-690/6400) that operates from 690MHz to 6.4GHz. Specifically designed for broadband in-building distributed antenna systems, the antenna is aesthetically designed, compact and lightweight at 900g (2lb).

Even more compact and lightweight is the I-ATO1-2400/5875 indoor omni antenna that supports wireless data services in the 2400 to 5875MHz range. Measuring just 86mm (3.4 inches) in diameter and weighing 300g (0.7lb), the antenna is the smallest in RFS’s portfolio. “This antenna is ideal for buildings seeking to deploy a dedicated WiMAX or WiFi system,” Raabe said. “It’s so small, it looks more like a sprinkler on the ceiling.”

The RF signal is fed to the indoor antennas via RFS’s renowned CELLFLEX foam-dielectric coaxial transmission line, which is broadband up to 8.8GHz in the 1/2-inch size, and up to 5GHz in the 7/8-inch size.

Power dividers: Two new ultra-broadband (350MHz to 6GHz) power dividers complete the ClearFill Line solution set for WiMAX. The rugged and reliable PDWO2-350/6000 and PDWO4-350/6000 are two- and four-way power dividers respectively, providing low insertion loss and good output isolation.

“The RFS ClearFill Line system is easily integrated with WiMAX customer premises equipment (CPE), and provides coverage for small and mid-sized buildings at a remarkably low cost per unit area with zero maintenance,” said Raabe.
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