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RFS launches ‘tailored for mobile TV’ L-band antenna at NAB 2007

The world’s first purpose-built for mobile TV L-band panel antenna will be unveiled by broadcast RF technology group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), at the annual NAB exhibition in April this year. Specially designed to meet the exacting requirements of digital video broadcasting-handheld (DVB-H) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) applications, the new RFS L-band antenna offers unmatched electrical performance, and simplifies mobile TV and digital radio network rollout.

The new RFS L-band antenna is vertically polarized, and supports applications across the entire broadcast L-Band--1452 to 1675MHz. The L-band antenna boasts first-class vertical standing wave ratio (VSWR) performance, advanced null-fill characteristics, and high power-handling capabilities.

According to RFS Principal Broadcast System Sales and Area Product Manager, Andrés González, RFS leads the way in broadcast technology development. “The RFS L-band antenna is the only antenna on the market, specifically designed for broadcast L-band applications, such as mobile TV and digital radio,” said González. “Modified base-station antennas are often employed in broadcast applications. This kind of design short-cut can result in poor broadcast signal quality and interference.”

Prior to embarking on the detailed design of the L-band antenna, RFS consulted a number of broadcasters to determine the optimum broadcast antenna solution. “Broadcasters nominated VSWR performance as a significant contributor to broadcast signal quality,” said González. “The new RFS L-band antenna produces VSWR values less than 1.1 across the bandwidth for DAB (1452 to 1492MHz). Adapted base-station antennas typically display VSWR values of approximately 1.3, which is undesirable in applications such as mobile TV and digital radio.

“The new RFS L-band antenna provides mobile TV networks with robust and uniform broadcast signals, sculpted to the coverage area,” he said. “The L-band antenna’s optimized null fill functionality, coupled with the L-band antenna’s side-lobe suppression feature, allows users to tailor the signal to the coverage area, minimizing reflections and interference.”

The L-band antenna also features a high power-handling capability (up to 750 watts), ensuring broadcasters are able to optimize their networks in built-up urban environments, and provide extensive coverage in remote areas. Available in 65 or 90-degree horizontal beamwidth with multiple mounting arrangements, the new RFS L-band antenna presents a truly versatile broadcast solution for mobile TV and DAB. A complementary range of omni-directional antennas is also under development.

To learn more of RFS’s mobile television solution set, visit RFS at NAB 2007, booth number C1913, Central Hall 1, Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 16 to 19 April, 2007.

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