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RFS launches new 90-degree beamwidth AWS Optimizer

In support of emerging 3G networks in advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum, wireless technology leader Radio Frequency Systems has introduced a new high-performance base station antenna. The latest addition to RFS’s Optimizer ‘S-series’ of antennas, the new dual polarized broadband panel antenna supports the full PCS and AWS spectrum bands--1710 to 2170 MHz--and features a 90-degree horizontal beamwidth.

The new Optimizer ‘S-series’ antenna is a welcome addition to RFS’s already comprehensive AWS-ready antenna portfolio. “Network providers can now obtain AWS-ready antennas in both 65-degree and 90-degree beamwidths,” said Andrew Stronski, RFS Area Product Manager for Base Station Antennas. “This simplifies AWS network rollouts and overlays, as it allows network providers to accommodate nearly all existing base station site configurations, and provides flexibility for designing and rolling out new sites. Furthermore, the 90-degree beamwidth is a good alternative for applications that require larger coverage areas with reduced gain.”

According to Stronski, the new Optimizer antenna has been specially designed to provide excellent performance across the entire band. “The new Optimizer antenna delivers unmatched suppression of all upper sidelobes throughout the antenna’s entire downtilt range--typically greater than 20 dB,” he said. “This prevents interference from other antennas and minimizes RF energy losses, which can result in dropped calls.”

Like all of RFS’s AWS-band antennas, the new 90-degree beamwidth antenna variant allows close matching of the AWS uplink and downlink, while maintaining state-of-the-art PCS services. According to Stronski, the split nature of AWS spectrum--where the uplink is allocated 1710-1755 MHz and the downlink 2110-2155 MHz--provides a unique RF challenge. “Simple physics imposes slightly different RF behavior at the lower and upper end of the frequency band,” he said. “However, for optimum network performance it’s important that the uplink and downlink are balanced.”

Market feedback reports that RFS’s Optimizer S-series is the best-performing broadband base station antenna supporting AWS. In accordance with carrier specifications, the S-series achieves an azimuth horizontal beamwidth difference of less than seven-degrees between uplink and downlink; plus a gain difference of less than 1dB. In addition, it features variable electrical downtilt (0 to 10 degrees), and a stable vertical beamwidth across the band.

The new RFS 90-degree beamwidth Optimizer ‘S-series’ base station antenna is initially available in two lengths (4.8 feet/1.5 meters and 6.4 feet/2 meters), in a dual-polarized array configuration. It features pre-fitted antenna control units (ACU) for remote antenna tilt control functionality. “With remote antenna tilt functionality an important factor in 3G network optimization, pre-fitting the ACUs streamlines installation and reduces the possibility of error,” said Stronksi. The RFS ACUs are fully compatible with the antenna interface standards group (AISG) version 2.0 communications protocol.

[IMAGE CAPTION]: The new 90-degree beamwidth antenna is the latest addition to RFS’s AWS-ready Optimizer ‘S-series’ antenna suite.  


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