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RFS’ HYBRIFLEX™ thrills South African operator

Colombes (France) November 3, 2011 – HYBRIFLEX goes global: The hybrid feeder cabling solution, developed by Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, convinces more and more operators around the globe. Recently a South African operator has successfully trialled RFS’ HYBRIFLEX in a live network.

HYBRIFLEX combines optical fiber and DC power for Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) in a single corrugated cable. The convincing result of the HYBRIFLEX trial in South Africa follows numerous trials in other European countries as well as in Australia, Asia, Latin America and the United States, and kicks-off a HYBRIFLEX-trend in Africa.

During the trial, held in July, 37 meters of HYBRIFLEX were installed at an existing cell site in Doringkloof close to Pretoria, South Africa. RFS delivered a three-sector HYBRIFLEX cable combining three DC power pairs and three multi-mode fiber optic pairs, serving three Remote Radio Heads (RRH). The cable's ease of installation, robust design and weather resistance impressed Crestwave, RFS’ local partner, who took care of the entire installation. The clou: At the same time RFS Ultra-Broad Band Antennas were installed at the tower – and RFS could show that it serves all product needs around a cell site.

"The Crestwave-team was enthusiastic about the quick and easy installation which cut their installation time by around one half, compared to a conventional solution", says Lockias Musevenzo, Regional Sales Manager . The trial was a success: "The test site is operating smoothly within the network”, says Rémi Deniel, Sales Director Africa at RFS.

Because it is a single, compact cable, HYBRIFLEX requires considerably less space than existing and competing cables. This is crucial at all existing sites, especially urban sites where space constraints typically present major challenges. HYBRIFLEX also requires fewer installation materials and steps. This accelerates deployments to save both time and money.

”HYBRIFLEX is a leading edge innovation that will ensure that cable management is a lot easier to manage on sites”, says Arnold Turk from Crestwave. “Specifically with the dawn of the newer technologies there is a high demand for space on towers, with HYBRIFLEX being made available to engineers their task is made easier with the availability of  this product in their toolbox of solutions”, concludes Turk. “Crestwave are excited to be afforded the opportunity to be involved with the launch of this product into Africa”, stresses Arnold Turk.

The handling of HYBRIFLEX convinced both Crestwave and the operator: To simplify installations, HYBRIFLEX uses standard accessories and the same installation methods as other RFS radio frequency (RF) cables. No specialized accessories or knowledge are required. The cable length can be easily adapted to meet site constraints, such as differing distances to RRHs. Length can be adjusted using standard procedures for fiber optic and DC power cables. “On-site we have shown the capabilities of over length management – this has thrilled the installers from Crestwave”, emphasizes Lockias Musevenzo.

HYBRIFLEX is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds and lightning. Aluminum or copper armor provides robust protection of the fiber optic and DC cables. The aluminum armor and use of standard grounding kits also provide integrated lightning protection. The level of protection against lightning strikes is similar to that of RF feeder cables, which is much better than that of conventional DC cables. By reducing the number of hanging cables and protecting the fiber optic cables by an aluminium armor, HYBRIFLEX helps operators reduce the risk of damage due to high winds.

RFS unveiled HYBRIFLEX in April 2010.

Trademarks: RFS® is a registered trademark and HYBRIFLEX™ and HYBRISEAL™ are trademarks of Radio Frequency Systems. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Crestwave
Crestwave is headquartered in Mauritius with regional representation in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, and Tanzania. As being part of the history of GSM rollouts all across Africa over the past 16 years, Crestwave offers an experienced and well seasoned approach to support the offered solutions. Africa has unique and profound challenges and with fully encompassing this Crestwave supports its customers to meet all challenges.

About RFS
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems, plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure. RFS serves OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land-mobile and microwave market sectors. As an ISO compliant organization with manufacturing and customer service facilities that span the globe, RFS offers cutting-edge engineering capabilities, superior field support and innovative product design. RFS is a leader in wireless infrastructure.

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