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RFS/EMR Corp. agreement signals new era in land-mobile

Wireless technology leader, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), has announced the inking of a landmark agreement with Phoenix-based RF group, EMR Corporation. The agreement, which will merge two of the country’s leading land-mobile RF solution sets, represents a positive evolution for this crucial sector.

Under the terms of the new agreement, leading RFS land-mobile RF solutions will be manufactured and marketed by EMR Corporation. These will be incorporated into the end-to-end systems offered by EMR Corporation to the land-mobile sector. The agreement is scheduled to take effect from end-May 2007.

RFS and EMR Corporation are cornerstones of the nation’s land-mobile sector. RFS’s RF conditioning group (formerly known as ‘Celwave’), has provided premium RF solutions to the public safety radio and government radio markets for over fifty years. Best known for its component excellence, it has earned a nationwide reputation for premium quality in transmit combiner and base station filtering solutions.

The RFS suite includes some of the country’s most highly regarded land-mobile RF solutions, such as the 5044 band-pass filter, the SJD coaxial cavity-ferrite combiner, and the 5043 base station duplexer.

EMR Corporation was founded in 1980 as an OEM supplier of ferrite and hybrid devices to the land mobile sector. It now provides a complete systems approach to the land-mobile and early responder markets, underpinned by a rich RF solution set.

“EMR has enjoyed an OEM relationship for many years with RFS,” said EMR Corporation President, Bill Lieske. “We look forward to helping continue the RFS legacy of excellent engineering and superior antenna site management products. I believe the synergy of RFS and EMR technologies will greatly benefit the LMR industry.”

“We are very excited by the opportunity this new agreement represents,” said Bill Blair, RFS Vice President General Manager of RF Conditioning Engineering/Operations. “It is an enormous win for the nation’s land-mobile sector, as it represents a merge of the ‘the best’ in this industry area.”

“There are great synergies between the two companies. While RFS and EMR Corporation both share similar goals in terms of quality and performance, our solution sets are quite complementary. For example, RFS has a great reputation for its transmit combiners, whereas EMR Corporation is well-known for its receiver-multicoupler solution set. As a joint force, the merge of the two represents a major step forward for land-mobile.”
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