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RFS’ corrugated aluminum RF coaxial cables provide the best solution to the copper crisis

Colombes, France, March 31, 2011 - Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, addresses growing issues of copper price and security with a proven, high-performance aluminum-based RF coaxial cable solution. RFS’ CELLFLEX® Lite corrugated aluminum cable design allows for excellent flexibility and crush resistance. The performance and reliability of CELLFLEX® Lite has been proven in the field, with not a single customer claim or return since its introduction in 2006, clearly indicating that aluminum cables can match copper for longevity and robustness. It also uses the same connectors as RFS’ CELLFLEX® copper coaxial cables, meaning that aluminum cables can be used alongside existing copper cables, with absolutely no issues of compatibility.

Threats on copper security: worse than on copper price

Copper has traditionally been the material of choice for RF coaxial cables, but trends developing over the last number of years have caused the communication and transport industries to consider other materials for transmission lines.

The consistently high price of copper has been a prominent and continuous problem for industry. In February 2011 the price of copper exceeded 10,000 USD/ton, and remains close to this historic high. The price of aluminum is much lower at well under 3,000 USD/ton, and the growth in aluminum price is far more predictable than that of copper.

Accompanying the issue of copper’s high price are widespread attacks on copper-based infrastructure by thieves. The theft of copper is a worrying trend that threatens private and public services worldwide, and appears set to increase along with copper’s high prices. Colonel Stephane Ottavi, head of a French police agency specializing in crimes against transport services, remarks in December 2010 that “The thefts faithfully reflect prices”, in response to a record annual increase in copper theft in France in 2010.

Chief Superintendent Eamonn Carroll of British Transport Police states in February that "Cable theft is the next biggest priority after the terrorist threat. The disruption and the problems it can cause are immense." Theft of copper-based cable can result in utility disruptions, service outages and other infrastructural damage, not to mention the costs of material and labor to repair and replace sections of cable.

RFS CELLFLEX® Lite: Lightweight, light on your wallet, but heavyweight on performance!

Innovative companies such as RFS are actively promoting aluminum-based RF coaxial cables as a highly reliable, high-performance and highly cost-efficient alternative to copper. RFS CELLFLEX® Lite is a premium RF coaxial cable featuring an aluminum outer conductor. Due to its aluminum construction, CELLFLEX® Lite is lighter, enabling faster installation, and is less expensive than a comparable copper cable. The corrugated cable design also allows for excellent flexibility and crush resistance.

The performance quality of CELLFLEX® Lite was confirmed last year in rigorous testing by China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL), China’s most authoritative independent laboratories.

In addition to the many positive qualities of CELLFLEX® Lite, it uses the same connectors as RFS CELLFLEX® copper coaxial cables, meaning that aluminum cables can be used alongside existing copper cables, with absolutely no issues of compatibility.

“RFS is very aware of the problems our customers face in RF coaxial cable deployment projects worldwide,” says Stéphane Klajzyngier, President, Radio Frequency Systems. “As a company with a commitment to constant innovation, RFS has brought to market an outstanding, proven aluminum RF coaxial cable solution. For new projects, CELLFLEX® Lite is a must-consider option for operators in Europe and beyond.”

CELLFLEX® Lite is already being used by OEMs and operators in many different regions, without any performance or reliability issues. CELLFLEX® Lite is available in sizes ranging from 1/2” to 1-5/8”, and delivers superior performance in key areas, such as return loss, attenuation, corrosion resistance and durability in extreme temperatures. RFS provides users with a perfect match for the most complicated and demanding applications, every cable coming with a guarantee of reliability, performance and cost-efficiency from the most experienced and innovative cable manufacturer in the world.

“Since its introduction to customers five years ago, CELLFLEX® Lite has maintained a flawless track record for performance and reliability, with not a single complaint or return from any of our customers. As copper is breaking the barrier of 10,000 dollars per ton, increasing threats on copper security make aluminum a must-consider alternative for all new RF coaxial cable deployment projects worldwide. The corrugation and transparent connectivity of RFS’ CELLFLEX® Lite range simply make it the best solution to the copper crisis.” concludes Klajzyngier.

Trademarks: RFS®, CELLFLEX® and CELLFLEX® Lite are registered trademarks of Radio Frequency Systems. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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