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RFS Cellular/PCS TMA family--top performance in lightest package

At this year’s CTIA Wireless exhibition, wireless technology leader, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), will exhibit what is becoming one of the most important RF elements in the broadband wireless data world--the tower mount amplifier (TMA). The company will exhibit a selection of its renowned US Cellular (850MHz) and PCS (1900MHz) band TMAs--a family of dual-duplex TMAs that provides unrivalled performance in the market’s lightest and most compact form factor. Specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of broadband wireless data applications, these advanced low-noise amplifiers provide the all-important gain boost required, in a package tailored to minimize installation time and costs. The RFS Cellular/PCS TMA family offers a uniquely broad choice of TMAs for both Cellular and/or PCS bands, in either twin-, dual- or single-band configurations. With each unit weighing in at less than 9kg (20lbs), RFS’s PCS/Cellular TMAs are the lightest of their kind on the market today. This, coupled with the units’ compact packaging, plus the single form-factor for all the product variants, ensures fast roll-out and minimized site installation labor costs. Two highlights of the RFS TMA family are the twin PCS TMA model, and the dual-band Cellular/PCS TMA unit. Providing the functionality of two TMAs in a compact and extremely lightweight package, these dual and twin units reduce tower loading and dramatically cut installation time. The twin PCS model is available with Cellular-band bypass, for optimal application flexibility. All dual-band units incorporate integrated diplexers, obviating the need for an external diplexer at the tower top, thus reducing tower loading. All TMAs in the RFS Cellular/PCS range feature a mid-band noise figure of less than 1.7dB on both Cellular and PCS sides, and a transmit-path insertion loss of less than 0.5dB. The units’ precision filter roll-off (10dB/MHz on the Cellular side, 5dB/MHz on the PCS side) ensures premium transmit-receive isolation and reduced absolute delay variation in the uplink. This ensures the TMAs provide optimal transmit/receive isolation plus premium receive-diversity. Offering a nominal gain of 12dB, RFS’s Cellular/PCS TMAs achieve genuine wideband functionality where required, with the PCS models covering the entire PCS-band 60MHz allocation. Provided in dual-duplex format, the TMAs permit single feeder receive/transmit connectivity in both the Cellular and PCS bands. For increased reliability, the dual and twin units are all equipped with an auto bypass feature in both bands. Specifically designed to blend in with the sleek and attractive lines of RFS’s Optimizer high-performance antenna series, RFS Cellular/PCS TMAs achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and low visual-impact installations. Other TMA configurations in the RFS Cellular/PCS family include: PCS-only, and Cellular-only. The RFS Cellular/PCS TMA family is complemented by RFS’s 19-inch rack format power distribution units (PDUs), which support up to six single- or dual-band TMAs at any one site. In addition, RFS also offers a full selection of Bias-Ts to provide the DC power required to tower-top active components such as TMAs and antenna control units (ACUs). To learn more of RFS’s complete tower-top RF solution set for wireless data overlays, visit RFS at CTIA Wireless 2007: Booth 3763, Hall B, West Building, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida (27 to 29 March 2007).

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